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BG169HRB BABY-G x HARIBO collaboration watch, with HARIBO Gummi bears iin the background




Introducing a new BABY-G collaboration with HARIBO, famous for their iconic Goldbear gummies.
Playful design expresses the candies’ colorful impression of fun shapes with delicious flavors.


Haribo gummy bear with candy illustration background with white BABY-G BG169HRB digital watch

HARIBO colors

The side buttons and dial feature a colorful design inspired by HARIBO Goldbear gummi candies. Against the translucent matte resin used for the case and band, the bright colors stand out vividly.

White BABY-G BG169HRB digital watch clasp displaying sillouette of gummy bear

Band loop design

The translucent band loop features a Goldbear motif in the HARIBO Goldbear series’ iconic theme color of gold.

Digital watch face of white BABY-G BG169HRB digital watch and candy face pattern

Dial design

Raspberry, lemon, apple, orange. Four HARIBO gummi flavors are represented in a continuous pattern of fun shapes with vivid colors.

HARIBO BABY-G Watch back

Engraved case back

Features an engraved HARIBO logo and Goldbear character image.

Back light of the BABY-G BG169HRB digital watch face with candy face pattern

EL backlight

When lit, a Goldbear graphic motif appears on the LCD, continuing from the dial design.

Special packaging

Haribo description text

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