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OCWS5000EK Watch with Edo Kiriko banner

Edo Kiriko


OCW-S5000EK Silver watch with blue bezel

Edo Kiriko expresses the transition of the incoming light. 
This newest OCEANUS Manta adopts a sapphire crystal bezel to acheive this effect.

From OCEANUS Manta, which continues to pursue high-quality finishes and thin and beautiful forms, comes a model with the theme of Japanese traditional "Edo Kiriko". The bezel made of sapphire is cut by Edo Kiriko craftsman, Toru Horiguchi, to express the beauty of light created by delicate patterns. It is the birth of a new elegant style that incorporates the light itself into the design.

* Limited to 1,000 worldwide
* The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product.

Blue Edo Kiriko Glass

Edo Kiriko

One of the traditional Japanese crafts that has been passed down since the late Edo period.
A technique for engraving the surface of crystal.
The biggest feature is the delicate cut that creates a beautiful pattern.
There is no hesitation in the vertical, horizontal and diagonal straight lines, and the curves are graceful.
The finest decoration accentuates the texture of the transparent glass.
The way the light enters creates an expression.

Artisan grinding Edo Kiriko Glass

Hideishi III, Toru Horiguchi

Born in Tokyo in 1976, he studied Edo Kiriko under Hideishi II (Tomio Suda, an intangible cultural property in Koto Ward). In 2008, Horiguchi Kiriko Co., Ltd. was founded as Hideishi III. is certified as a Japanese traditional craftsman (Edo Kiriko).

OCW-S5000EK Feature 1 artwork



− Oblique light −
Expressing changes in the incoming light
Sapphire crystal bezel

Using a bezel with a sapphire crystal ring set on a titanium pedestal, we carved 40 pieces of Edo Kiriko's traditional technique "Sen-suji". By shifting the center point of the radial pattern, light enters from an angle and creates a beautiful shadow. The coloring is a newly developed blue-black vapor deposition that expresses the transition of light.

[Processing procedure]
The sapphire crystal ring is polished and cut from the back side using the Edo Kiriko technique. By applying silver vapor deposition on the cut surface and peeling it off once, coloring remains only on the cutting line. In addition, the newly developed blue-black vapor deposition that enhances the saturation of blue creates an emotional shade with a faint purple color in the gradation. As a finishing touch, silver vapor deposition is applied to the entire back surface to enhance color development.

OCW-S5000EK Feature 2 artwork



The beauty of Edo Kiriko
Make it stand out
Face design

The dial is finished with a highly colored black mirror to accentuate the beauty of the bezel. In addition, the in-dial is vapor-filmed in blue, and the in-dial ring (9 o'clock side) is finished in two-tone blue and black, creating a face design that matches the coloring of the bezel. In addition, city codes are engraved on the outer circumference of the dial to achieve both design and functionality without distracting from the beauty of the bezel.

OCW-S5000EK Feature 3 artwork



Supporting the beauty of the bezel
Titanium case

The titanium case that supports the sapphire crystal ring uses titanium carbide treatment and rough polishing for the base part, resulting in a beautiful color and a carefully polished mirror surface with high smoothness. Furthermore, by applying gray IP to the convex part of the inner frame of the bezel, it creates a visual effect that makes the face look bigger.


OCW-S5000EK solar dial

In-dial solar

A non-transparent dial has been mounted by using a solar cell with high light-receiving efficiency and enabling power generation only in the in-dial area. Doing so allows for frees up more space on the dial for intricate design..

OCW-S5000EK slim profile view

Slim case, beauty that fits on your arm

By downsizing the parts and mounting on a single-sided high-density board, we have realized a thin case of 9.3 mm while mounting Bluetooth® and radio wave solar.

OCW-S5000EK titanium band links

Titanium muk band with a high fit

The titanium bande consits of an arrow-shaped "H" pieces and a middle piece with a mirror line. The slide adjust mechanism allows for fine length adjustments of the band without the need for a tool.

OCW-S5000EK sapphire glass

Strong against scratches and highly transparent
Double-sided anti-reflective coating sapphire crystal

OCEANUS CONNECTED application on phone

Time more accurate and reliable
Radio controlled with Bluetooth® connectivity



Easy operation and multi-functionality at will.
OCEANUS Connected(Smartphone app)

  • Clock status display
    Graphical display of solar power generation status, etc.
  • Automatic time correction (4 times a day)
  • World time city setting (Over 300 cities)
  • Home time / world time display replacement
  • Mobile phone search


  • Water resistant to 10 bar
  • Tough solar
  • Smartphone link
  • Standard radio reception function(Multiband 6)
  • Needle position automatic correction function
  • World time(27 cities)
  • Stopwatch
  • Date display

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