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14 digits / Heavy duty
Practical Calculators
Compact Desk Type


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Decorative High-Performance Models

Extra Large Display

Larger display makes more data easier to read.

Durable Anti-fade keys

Keys are produced by injecting plastic of two different colors. Key markings are plastic, which means they do not wear or fade with use.

* Excluding the [M/EX],[TAX+] and [TAX−] keys.
Key cross-section

Key Layout and Key Cap Shape

Keys are ergonomically shaped and configured to match natural finger movements.

Solar & Battery

Solar powered when light is sufficient, battery powered when light is insufficient.

Non-slip Structure

Large rubber feet on the bottom of the calculator keep it from slipping during operation.

Function Command Signs

A symbol (+,−,×,÷) on the display indicates the status of the operation you are currently performing.

Silent Touch Keys

Keys are specially designed for silent operation when compared to previous CASIO calculators to help maintain a more pleasant working environment.

Three-Key Rollover

Key operations are stored in a buffer, so that nothing is lost even during high-speed input.


Product features
Currency exchange function
Tax calculation
Metal Faceplate
Product type
Metal Faceplate
Compact Desk Type
Number of digits
14 digits
Liquid crystal display
Extra Large display
Function command signs
3-digit comma markers
Key characteristics
Durable Anti-fade Keys
Plastic keys
Key functions
Key rollover
Shift key (▶)
Sign Change (+/-)
Grand total (GT)
Independent memory
Power supply
Solar & Battery
Size (D × W × H)
176 × 109 × 21 mm
190 g

Display format settings
Decimal selector (4/3/2/1/0/ADD₂)
Rounding selector (F・CUT・5/4)

Basic calculation
Basic Calculation
Regular percent (%)
Profit margin percent
Square root (√)
Applied calculation
Currency exchange function
Tax calculation

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