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8 digits / Currency exchange
Practical Calculators
Mini Desk Type


My GShock




Easy calculations of cost, selling price and margin

Optimum usability and design features for business users


Extra large display with easy-to read numbers

Outstanding visibility supports error-free, accurate calculation work

Key layout and shape designed for ease of input

Intuitive key layout and key shape that varies from row to row to allow for differences in finger movement.

Comfortable key touch that doesn't tire your fingers (Desktop Type)

Shock absorbing structure is installed inside each key to create a cushion. Comfortable design allows prolonged use without getting tired owing to two-step touch configuration.

Easy to operate round form and panel molding.

Round shape body, that also slightly bulges on the back, produces a comfortable feeling when taken in hand. Special panel shape allows to easily place your hands and concentrate on calculations.

Function Command Signs

A symbol (+,−,×,÷) on the display indicates the status of the operation you are currently performing.

*Exculding DM-1600F/1400F

Solar & Battery

Solar powered when light is sufficient, battery powered when light is insufficient.


Three colors that express your individuality

Three color options are available : an appealing metallic pink, a metallic gray and navy blue.

Color coordination that creates functional beauty

Combination of main color and sub color on the keys facilitates both designability and visibility, producing outstanding functional beauty.

Metal faceplate that brings out air of luxury

Design of metal panel produces air of luxury suitable for the office

Rich in expression body shape

Gentle curves of the body surface create gorgeous dynamic look. Rich in expression shape conveys the beauty of design.


Product features
Currency exchange function
Tax calculation
Metal Faceplate
Product type
Metal Faceplate
Mini Desk Type
Number of digits
8 digits
Liquid crystal display
Extra Large display
Function command signs
3-digit comma markers
Key characteristics
Plastic keys
Key functions
Key rollover
Shift key (▶)
Sign Change (+/-)
Independent memory
Power supply
Solar & Battery
Size (D × W × H)
148.5 × 101 × 27.6 mm
120 g

Basic calculation
Basic Calculation
Regular percent (%)
Profit margin percent
Square root (√)
Applied calculation
Currency exchange function
Tax calculation

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