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Notice:Termination of the use compressed files with password

4th March 2022

We have decided that we stopped using compressed files with passwords (zip files, etc.) in our mail environment from 19:00 JST on 4th March 2022 (Friday). We would like to ask our customers and business partners for their understanding and cooperation.


While the rapid increase in cyber attacks by Emotet, it is difficult to check malware when receiving emails attached compressed files with passwords because they are encrypted.
We have also confirmed the receipt of many malicious emails recently. Therefore, we have decided to terminate the use of compressed files with passwords in order to ensure the security of our customers and business partners.
4th March 2022 onward, if an email attached compressed file with a password is sent to our employee, the attachment will be deleted except for the text in the body of the email.
Regarding the alternative method of sending and receiving files, please contact the person in charge in our company.


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