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AAA-size battery
Financial Calculators


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Plastic keys

Comes with new slide-on hard case

Power supply:AAA × 1 (R03)

Approximate battery life:2 years

Dimensions:13.7(H) × 80(W) × 161(D) mm

Approximate weight:110g

Direct mode key

A bank of mode keys provides you with one-touch access to the mode you need.

Simple interest

Interest amount, principal and interest

Compound interest

Payment period, interest rate, deposit amount, future value

Investment Appraisal (cash flow)

Net present value method, internal rate of return method, payback period method, etc.


Monthly payment, principal and interest to date

General and function

Virtually the same functions as a standard calculator.

Statistical and regression

Statistical calculations using input sample data.

Interest rate conversion

Nominal interest rate and effective interest rate conversion

Cost, selling price,or margin

Calculation of any of the above values after inputting the other two

Day or date calculations

Virtually the same as a standard calculator, with some variation in the input method

  FC-200V FC-100V
Simple interest yes yes
Compound interest yes yes
Investment Appraisal (cash flow) yes yes
Amortization yes yes
Interest rate conversion yes yes
Cost,selling price,or margin yes yes
Day or date calculations yes yes
Depreciation yes no
Bond calculation yes no
Break-even point yes no
General and Function yes yes
Statistical and regression yes yes

Easy operation with parameters

A full-dot 4-line display provides easier scrolling between parameters and simplifies input, confirmation, and editing.

Calculate the result.

The result appears immediately after you press the SOLVE key.

Create shortcuts.

Once you use a parameter value or setting in a calculation, you can assign it to a shortcut key for instant recall whenever you need it. This feature is great for repeat calculations.


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