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Solar Powered Chronograph


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Is speed and intelligence your thing? Then slip on a solar-powered EDIFICE inspired by sports car componentry in an all-new color scheme. With distinctive blue accents set against a black watch face, and an inset dial at the 9 o’clock position with the look of a high-performance brake disc, these ever-popular EQS-940 chronographs take the checkered flag. The vivid blue touches are as sophisticated as the solar-charging system. Whether charging from sunlight or even fluorescent lamp light, these watches store enough power for five months of normal use when fully charged.

From left: EQS-940DB-1BV, EQS-940DC-1BV


Clean, smart style, accented with ecological blue

Introducing the chronographs equipped with a solar power charging system and accented with striking metallic blue. This watch truly captures the look of a sports car powered with eco-friendly, cutting-edge technology.


Black paired with blue in a look befitting advanced sustainable technology

A vivid shade of metallic blue set off against the base colour of black evokes the clean, smart impression of cutting-edge automotive technology. Accents applied to parts including the indicator hands for stopwatch measurements and inset dial enhance the watch’s functional practicality as a chronograph, as well.


Chronograph style with a sports car motif

The dial’s sense of depth and the index marks’ sharp dimensionality exude the speed and power of a sports car. The inset dial ring at the 9 o’clock position features a brake disc motif, while the inset dial at the 6 o’clock position evokes a tachometer.


Solar power system to convert light to energy

On a full charge, the solar power system stores enough power to run the watch for about five months without exposure to light.
*Graphic is included for illustrative purposes.


Scratch-resistant black IP

Black IP is applied to stainless-steel components to enhance abrasion resistance. The EQS-940DB features a two-tone colour scheme that pairs silver with black, while the EQS-940DC presents a bold impression with an all-black design.


  • 10-bar water resistance
  • Solar charging system
  • Stopwatch
  • Date display

*The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product in some cases.

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