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little sunny bite Collaboration Model


My GShock

Introducing a special collaboration with the Little Sunny Bite womenswear label created by the designer, Yoppy. Little Sunny Bite sprinkles its iconic floral pattern across the ever-popular BA-110 analog-digital combination watch, fashioned entirely in light pastel pink. The face is also splashed with pink, from the index markings to the hour and minute hands, with the brand logo engraved on the case back. The packaging features the same pastel pink and floral design for an ultra-cute kawaii collaboration that adds a touch of flowery whimsy to your everyday style. Little Sunny Bite Yoppy speaks to women who never want to lose the girlhood feeling of loving anything and everything kawaii. Her designs invite you to take hold of what genuinely moves you and resonates emotionally. Based on the concept of “Here is your kawaii,” Yoppy launched Little Sunny Bite in 2014, and it has gone on to become a leading Tokyo brand known for one of Harajuku’s most iconic kawaii styles.

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