My GShock

This model is designed around the motif of the world-famous Japanese Daruma talisman. This motif was used because of the link between the Daruma's symbolism of perseverance and good luck and the G-Shock's "never give up" identity. This lineup is based on the original square DW-5600 model. The body takes the red of the Daruma and combines it with a Daruma-like watch face. When the light is turned on, an image of the Daruma's face appears on the display. This model's band ring is also printed with a Daruma image. The Daruma images that became the model's design motif, together with its Daruma-styled packaging, were designed by BlackEyePatch, whose work appears on everything from graffiti to apparel. This model is made in Japan and highlights elements of Japanese culture as well as incorporating various gimmicks.


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