My GShock

Welcome to a totally unexpected design inspired by Nishikigoi, the brocaded carp sometimes called a living jewel or a swimming work of art. Choose your favorite of three timepieces, each named and designed after a particular ornamental breed in a uniquely eye-catching red, white and black designs. Do you fancy the dynamic black body and dazzling red and white patches of the prized Showa Sanshoku? The classic Kohaku white spotted in contrasting scarlet? Press the light button on either of these timepieces to see the koi pattern on the display. Or go for the Taisho Sanshoku featuring a distinctive black-on-red patterned band and case with a white dial accented in touches of red. The inset dial hands of this model are designed in a koi motif. Packaging and accompanying card are designed by BlackEyePatch, the renowned Tokyo group known for everything from graffiti to apparel design.

EL backlight
Band ring
Special card


*The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product in some cases.

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