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My GShock

A 5600 series model that incorporates a carbon core guard structure that allows the band and bezel to be switched out. Use of lightweight and highly rigid carbon fiber reinforced resin for the case material allows the band and bezel to be removed and replaced. This is achieved via a mechanism that secures the bezel to a slide-lever type band using inner hooks, without the need for screws. The SHOCK RESIST logo is located on the inner case so that it can be seen only when the bezel is removed. The dial also features a camouflage pattern incorporating the circuit board pattern of the 5600 series. The band and bezel are made from translucent matte resin with a camouflage pattern. Also comes with a matte black replacement band engraved with the module number 3229, as well as a cloth replacement band made from phosphorescent reflective material. Set includes three types of band and two types of bezel.



*The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product in some cases.

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