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My GShock

A model with a square design that has continued to evolve without changing shape since the birth of the first-generation DW-5000C models. Equipped with Bluetooth® connectivity and Multi-Band 6. Accurate time information is acquired by linking to the dedicated G-SHOCK Connected app. Automatic time corrections in areas that support standard radio waves from six transmission stations around the world. It also uses Tough Solar to ensure stable operation, and includes practical features such as a high-brightness fully automatic LED backlight and world time. Additionally, it can display the day of the week in six languages, and also supports localization. It has achieved considerable advancements in pursuit of worldwide accurate timekeeping as a global standard. The outer pieces of the band are metal parts embedded in fine resin, and fine resin is also used in the inner pieces. Finished in a design with a glossy texture.



Iconic original design

Iconic original design

The design is inherited from the first G-SHOCK model. From the exterior styling to the LCD ratio, it boasts a perfect balance that can be considered the final shape as well as the origin.

Vapor deposition dial

Vapor deposition dial

Metallic blue coloring is deposited by vapor deposition processing on the outer periphery of the dial. It presents a unique glowing color ring reflected on an inverted LCD.

Super Illuminator (high-brightness full auto LED backlight)

Super Illuminator (high-brightness full auto LED backlight)

An LED backlight illuminates the LCD with high-brightness light.

Accurate timekeeping with Bluetooth® + Radio-controlled

Accurate timekeeping with Bluetooth® + Radio-controlled

Time correction is conducted by Bluetooth® communications in conjunction with standard time radio waves. Tough Solar power provides stable operation of multiple functions.

Film solar panel

Film solar panel

The material employed for the solar panel has been changed from glass to an easily processed film. An aperture is opened in the center of the panel to suppress reflections of external light and improve the LCD’s visibility.

G-SHOCK Connected

Smartphone App

- Reminder:
Notification by the watch of schedules created with the app.

- Automatic Time Adjustment (4 times/day)

- Local calendar setting (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Russian day/month)

- Phone Finder

- Time & place
Stamping of the time and place on the app's map by watch button operation.

- World Time City setting (over 300 cities, original point registration)

- Home Time/World Time display switching

* App screens shown here may differ from actual screens,
since the app is currently under development.

Supported Phone Models (As of Oct 2018)

iOS: iOS 10 or later
Android: Android 6.0 or later

* Bluetooth installed smartphone only.

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*The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product in some cases.

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