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This is a collection of replaceable bands that can be used with the new GA- 2000 series of next-generation standard timepieces. The four lineups of this band collection provide a choice from among various different materials and designs: resin, cloth, CORDURA®, camouflage, etc. The band of the GA-2000 series can be easily detached by operating a lever at its base. The use of this band replacement mechanism supports a new shock-resistant Carbon Core Guard structure that protects the internal module by encasing it in carbon fibre-embedded fine resin. Though light in weight, this type of material provides rigidity that is superior to that of resin alone. In addition, the dual structure of the watch's back cover makes the case itself shock resistant, which eliminates the need to affix the band to the case in a way that provides external protection against impact. The result is a tough, shock-resistant structure along with quick and simple band attachment and detachment."



Gaining more strength by incorporating new materials, structures, and design ideas. 
More style can be expressed with interchangeable bands.

Carbon Core Guard structure

Carbon Core Guard structure

This new shock resistant structure protects modules with a carbon fiber reinforced resin case.

Carbon Core Guard structure

Exterior that uses a dual-layered case back

The panel back and back cover use a dual-layer case back. This alleviates shocks to the rear surface on the back cover, and allows the wearer to attach bands that can be laid flat.

Technology / Design

Dual-layered case back

Dual-layered case back

GA-2000 features a stainless-steel panel back that keeps the watch airtight, as well as a fine resin glass fibre case back that makes it tough against shocks.

Slide lever type bi-color moulded band

Slide lever type bi-color molded band

The bi-color moulded band can be replaced easily by operating a lever at its base.

* Image to the right shows GA-2000E-4A.

Disc dial

Disc dial

A complex disc dial at 9 o'clock indicates the current watch mode.

Super Illuminator

Super Illuminator (high-brightness LED)

The Super Illuminator function lights up the dial and LCD with high-intensity light, maintaining watch readability in the dark.

Large front button

Large front button

A large button placed at the 6 o’clock position on the case activates the light and accentuates the rugged design.

Hand retraction function

Hand retraction function

When the hour or minute hand overlaps the LCD, it is temporarily retracted to ensure visibility of the date.


*The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product in some cases.

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