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My GShock

Easy operation to create labels anywhere.
Compact smartphone model, LABEL IT!



Available tape widths

6 AA Batteries / AC Adapter

Compatible with smartphone

Label usage examples

Drawing attention

For sorting ingredients

For wrapping

For organizing and storing

For naming

For decoration

2WAY power supply

Powered by the included AC adapter or batteries. You can create labels anywhere.

Changeable fonts

Various emojis

Selectable frames

Maximum print width

  • Maximum print width, 12mm.
Maximum print width, 12mm (When using an 18mm width tape.)

Create a fashionable label easily.

Label printing software LABEL DESIGN MAKER

Create a label using a smartphone app.
It's a simple operation that just combines the entered words and emojis.
If you choose from templates and print, you can easily create a fashionable label with the recommended layout and frame.

Android™ 6.0 or higher
iOS 12.0 or higher

Create a label for organizing, storage, etc.

Create a label based on a recommended design, or create your own original label choosing from various fonts and frames with your smartphone.
Simple operation makes it easy to organize.

Print easily by just choosing from the sample labels

Create a label by just choosing from the sample labels of different categories.
For example, make a name label.

For shops and decorations, etc.

Sample labels for displays at shops, drawing attentions, etc.
There are plenty of categories and types for you to choose.

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Optional Tapes

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