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My GShock

This is the remarkable collaboration model with a Thailand skateboard brand, Preduce Skateboards in commemoration of Preduce’s 20th anniversary in 2022. Designed by famed Preduce art director Thun “TRK” Puchpen, the base model of DW-5600 was dressed with the face of the Thai Guardian Giant represented in Thai mythology, believed to keep bad spirits away and its believers safe. He believes all skateboarders can benefit from all the protection they can get in the high-adrenaline and high-risk sport. The guardian figure is also heavily featured in all his works that he has described as “new traditional”, serving as his signature design in terms of brand association. The watch borrows multiple colours and patterns typically found in Thai traditional paintings as found on temple walls. It’s a true homage to the culture and heritage of Thailand where ancient characters are often depicted wearing clothes of animal furs. The same animal print is translated onto the packaging of the watch in organic lines of green and black. PREDUCE SKATEBOARDS Founded in 2002, Preduce is the first skateboard company out of Thailand. Establishing itself as an authentic and innovative brand, Preduce has worked closely with local and international designers, artists, videographers, photographers and musicians. The Preduce skate team has gained recognition worldwide with the videos “Smooth” (2006), “Sambai” (2009), “Chaiyo” (2012), “Sawatdee” (2014), “Selamat” (2016), “SuperMix” (2018) and “Sajai (2021). It’s the first Asian brand to have its video hosted on Thrasher magazine. Preduce is now distributed internationally and has developed a large range of products like skate decks, hardware and a full clothing line. In 2022, Preduce moved their HQ to Baan Preduce. Baan Preduce is a community space including a public and free indoor and outdoor skate park, a skate shop, a skate school, a cafe and a bar. It’s an event space as well hosting monthly music events, art shows, skateboard competitions, product launches, workshops and pop ups.



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