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My GShock

This is the remarkable collaboration model with a Singaporean contemporary artist, Jahan Loh. Casio collaborates with Jahan Loh in launching a limited-edition G-SHOCK GA-110JAH22-2A in Singapore. This is a SEA exclusive model. The base model is the digital-analog GA-110 Series, a G-SHOCK model that is immensely popular all over the world. The color theme of this collaboration model is a blue that is associated with the Jahan Loh art paintings. Specially designed packaging identifies this as a truly special collaboration model. The colors used for this collaboration are basic blue, with the face, band ring, and buttons accented with the distinctive colors of pink. The impressive design of the band and the back panel are based on letters that spell the words “I HAVE SEEN THE FUTURE” which is designed by Jahan Loh. The face of the watch features pink accent colors, and the signature of him at 3 o'clock and the design of special packaging complete the overall Jahan Loh’s world of graphic marvels. This watch is a tiny time capsule of the last graffiti piece he did in Singapore in 2006; it was done in the early aughts on a building in Ann Siang Hill that had been cordoned off for conservation. The piece might be long gone, but the building—like his memory of it back then—is still going on strong. On the face of the watch are the coordinates of Singapore to remind us that as we move onward into the future, we are where we are now because of our past. The promotion animation is his imaginary future of what could have happened back in 2006. ABOUT Jahan Loh Jahan Loh is a multi-disciplinary artist known for merging graffiti wildstyle with Chinese script. He is one of the pioneers of Chinese street art who brought the genre to galleries in Singapore and China. His works reveal a deep fascination for his cultural history and the unknown, at times exploiting the subjective nature of storytelling to present his own visions of the past and future.



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